10) My thank you

Hello! A quick post today as I find myself lacking in motivation – waiting for the clinic to contact me is proving to be much harder than anticipated, but here’s to hoping today might be the day, right? I really bloody hope so.

So I wanted to spell out a few thank yous to those who deserve it (not that these people will read this post, but that’s what the blogging world is about right? For writers who have too much to say but don’t really have the confidence to articulate it. No? Just me then?) Ok…:

  • My therapist: Firstly, thank you for being chatty and not one of those dreaded stare at you until you make awkward eye-contact in stony silence type of therapists. You know exactly what I need and I am forever grateful for your sense of humour. Maybe one day I will be able to take you up on that offer of a packet of maltesers.


  • My friends: I love you guys. So much. I am sorry that I had to drop out of our planned holidays..believe me, it makes me beyond miserable but know that I genuinely hope you have the best time. Also be aware that once I am recovered, I am dragging you away with me on a crazy all-you-can-eat adventure. Thank you for being there.


  • My mum: Thank you for everything. Thank you for dealing with my constant mood swings, tears, anger and all round crazy-lady behaviour. Thank you for coming into my bed to warm me up – at the expense of your toasty warmth – as my body is currently failing at regulating my temperature (yay). Thank you for trying every day to cope with a situation beyond your control, it must be so hard.


  • My readers: Yes, you there! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read these words. It means the world, I know I am not alone (even if it is only one or two of you that are still following along..) I can’t express my appreciation enough.


Yours sincerely, a thankful (yet still flightless bird) awaiting wings.


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